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 My name is Robin Cornelissen, I am a 24 year old Industrial Designer and I’m living all my life in Venlo. Since I was a young guy I am strongly interested in General Technics and Design. In my first years of high school I knew I wanted to pursue my career as an engineer. I started my HBO education in Venlo and achieved my Bachelor-degree. After my bachelor degree IPO I realized I want to draft more out of my motivation of learning. I had the feeling there’s still a drive to learn and I did my premaster at the Technical University in Eindhoven.  


Industrial product Design (HBO)

Based onprojects I learned to design products and what suitable production techniques can be applied to realize this product. For this I need knowledge of different disciplines. I’m not only learn how to think creatively; how to apply color and shape into a design, but I learned all about production techniques, and materials. Also the commercial side of product development, such as producing a design as cheap as possible and making a marketing sales concept was a big part of the learning process. This education was focused on the middle of three fields: design, engineering and a little bit of business.

Premaster Industrial Design

Over this past period I feel my identity as a designer has shifted to a more analytical and professional approach. In the period as a pre master student I started to see the analytical design process. I started to see the benefits of using a systematic approach and different methodologies/guidelines to do my projects. This helped me create an identity to have a glimpse of how my future is going to be.

Realizing I’m doing things that I would never thought I would do, requires a change of mind-set. In the beginning of the study I didn’t had developed this mind-set. At the end I realise I did, it enriches my perspective on my own abilities, passions and self-confidence.

Working experience

I believe in creative thinking, spontaneous decisions and making fun everywhere. I have experience in translating ideas to a fully working product ready for production. I gained this experience at my previous education and my working experience at “NEW-Innolab” as a junior designer. Furthermore I have working experience as an R&M employee at the injection moulding factory “Kellpla”. At this moment I’m working part time for a company that’s specialized in injection moulding. This includes working on moulds and injection-moulding machines.



I continuously challenge myself, trying to be eager in every discipline, knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are and developing insight in who I am. I start with a design brief at one point and change along the project as I look for design opportunities within the context. I’m moving from zero to one, not from one to hundred. That means I’m focused on creating new solutions, not copying the existing ones.

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” Leo Burnett




Vision design

For a sustainable future, I see design that shifts people’s needs into a whole new experience through approaching each product as an individual design and engineering challenge.

Vision ID

In my field of expertize, problem solving, simple solutions and cost effective results are most important. These criteria represent the process and technique I want to work with. I see design for shaping a sustainable society. People have to see, feel, hear, smell and taste my design in which the coherent interaction between the product and the user will deliver a highly modern and fresh experience. In my design I want to create a WOW factor. This factor is a starting point for the quest in simplicity, innovation and user friendliness in Industrial Design. Being the link between the rich fantasy world of a director, designer, producer/artist and the target group, would be an end stage for me. I want to follow the direction towards “starting big and out of the box” and reduce/ translate it into a product for the mainstream target group. The designs I create will not only be determined for consumption but will extend and enrich the comfort and the way of living in today’s society.

Strengths and Weaknesses


• Perfectionist

• Sometimes not patient

• Trust/believe people quickly

• Can not handle criticism very much

• Hate to make failures

• To much involved in finding solutions (obsession)

• Sometimes difficult to convince (cocky)



• Self-motivated

• Social

• Dedicated

• Easy adaptability

• Optimist (positive approach)

• Quick insight into character

• Hunger to learn

• Loyal

• Creative

• Passionate


Being the link between the rich fantasy world of a director, designer, producer/artist and the target group

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I think it’s safe to say that I am a slow starter, but once I’ve get the hang of it I’ll finish fast.

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China Southern First Class


Bicycle Concept Design

Healing Chair



Vacuüm Cleaner


Corporate Identity


China Eastern Airlines

Mobile Toilet Chair

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